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"A great little gift or stocking stuffer for skiers and riders, Gogglesoc is a stretchy microfiber cover that you put on your goggles anytime they’re not on your eyes...."

Holiday Gift Guide 2018
Nov 18, 2018

"We often times find the most practical gear is also the simplest and the Goggle Soc (above) is just that. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the "socks" are designed to stretch over almost any sized goggle, protecting the lenses from scratches. We dig the fun prints, like avocados, pineapples, and ski trail maps...."

Our Favorite Budget Gear at Outdoor Retailer
Nov 10, 2018

"We all know that one Jerry who always leaves his goggles strapped to his helmet, and by January, those new $200 gogs are scratched so bad they have trouble seeing on a sunny day. Do him a favor and slip a gogglesoc into his stocking this winter..."

Gift Guide 2019: $50 or less
Nov 16, 2018

"Are you like us and just leave your goggles on your helmet all the time? No worries – a gogglesoc can be worn even when your goggles are being stored on your helmet...”

Micro-Fiber Goggle Protector That You Wear
Nov 20, 2018

"Goggles ain’t cheap. Heck, a spare lens these days can cost north of $100. And when you’ve poured that sort of cash into your goggs, hardly anything is more upsetting than the moment your beautiful lens gets scuffed up, or worse, totally destroyed because you simply didn’t take good care. ..."

Protect your damn ski goggles
Feb 27, 2018

"We picked up a gogglesoc at the Outdoor Retailer Media Preview, and it’s already proving itself as a great piece of gear. The super small, pliable microfiber goggle cover slips securely over the outside of your goggles so they stay protected when strapped on your helmet..."

Feb 8, 2018


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